Oliver Wyman For Society: A Collection Of Social Impact

The fifth annual Oliver Wyman for Society: Collection of Social Impact highlights our commitment to making a difference in the communities in which we work and live.

This collection focuses on examples of our social impact projects, community initiatives, fundraising through charity auctions, and nonprofit fellowship experiences. Also included is Oliver Wyman's journey toward becoming carbon neutral and our focus on climate change & sustainability. 

The combination of health, economic, and social challenges we face makes the path ahead uncertain and requires deep self-reflection from all of us. At Oliver Wyman, one thing we can do to help is to remain dedicated to committing our expertise and resources where they are needed most
Scott McDonald, CEO, Oliver Wyman

We deliver our best quality work to our clients, and through Oliver Wyman for Society we aim to improve organizations, communities, and lives around the world by offering our insights and expertise on society's toughest challenges. 

To find out more about social impact work, please visit Oliver Wyman for Society

Oliver Wyman for Society: A Collection of Social Impact

The fifth annual collection of Oliver Wyman's contributions through social impact projects, community initaitives, and nonprofit fellowships.