Boardroom Volume 5

Strategies for success in food retail

Welcome to the fifth edition of Boardroom, the annual journal from FMI and Oliver Wyman.

The articles in this year’s volume offer unique and timely insights to help senior food industry executives shape strategies and improve organizational performance.

Disruption has become the watchword for the food retail marketplace. Traditional business models are being dislocated – new consumerism is here to stay, innovative products and store formats are emerging, digital options are accelerating, new competitors are pursuing and conquering strategic positions in key markets, and transformation is happening at breakneck speed and with greater magnitude than ever before. 

Food retailers can stay ahead of these changes by incorporating capabilities that will enable them to be more agile and develop effective growth strategies. This edition of Boardroom shares strategic insights into the supermarket of the future, how emerging consumer expectations are impacting personalization, how the evolution and increase of payment options can be turned into a strategic advantage, and how emerging technologies can enhance the shopper experience.

Boardroom analyzes the workforce of the future and the key role it must play in retailers’ strategic plans. We also dig deep to uncover the implications of continually evolving trade policies, the need for food safety regulation to catch up with sustainability requirements, and emerging pockets of growth within the store. 

FMI and Oliver Wyman created Boardroom specifically for those senior executives responsible for guiding their companies in what may be the most challenging, dynamic, and rewarding period in the industry’s history. To compete successfully, a retailer must take a fresh look at its business trajectory and the marketplace in which it operates. We believe this issue of Boardroom equips you with the tools, information, and insights to galvanize your business and put you in position to turn today’s disruption and discontinuity into opportunity.

FMI will be sharing additional expertise on these issues throughout the year and will continue to support the membership in addressing these and other ongoing changes through advocacy and member collaboration. We welcome your participation and feedback to ensure that we do everything possible to help each of you succeed in this era of constant change and disruption.

Boardroom Volume 5