Developing The Oil And Gas Workforce Of The Future

The global oil and gas industry will undergo a sustained period of transformation over the next decade. The change will not just be a matter of doing things differently. We will literally be doing different things that will demand new ways of thinking and operating.

The primary force behind this change will be the gradual adoption of lower-carbon energy. This will create a fundamental disruption that will be further amplified by the adoption of new technologies, evolving societal expectations for business, the changing demographic profile of the world’s population and the economic emergence of developing nations.

While there’s debate over how far and how fast these changes will go, there is consensus that they cannot be entirely avoided. The challenge for oil and gas companies is to figure out how to embrace this new world and use it to create a more agile and profitable business model that is capable of capitalizing on the disruption.

In this paper, we outline an organizational model and outlook that companies and HR departments will need to develop over time to enable them to respond effectively to this new, evolving reality.

Developing The Oil And Gas Workforce Of The Future