The World Energy Trilemma

Ranking the world’s top 25 sustainable energy systems

Europe leads the world in the provision of sustainable energy systems, with 21 European countries appearing in the top 25 ranking of the 2016 World Energy Council/Oliver Wyman Energy Trilemma Index.

The index ranks 125 countries on their performance in meeting and balancing the energy trilemma: delivering secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy. Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany hold the top five positions in the 2016 rankings. The highest ranked non-European country is New Zealand, which came in ninth in the index. The United States, Canada, and Singapore are the only other non-European countries in the top 25.

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Sources: World Energy Council and Oliver Wyman

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Francois Austin is a London-based partner and head of Oliver Wyman’s Energy practice.

The World Energy Trilemma