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German utilities need to digitize – or risk disruption

Germany’s Kaiswerwetter Energy Asset Management manages 51 solar and wind parks using cloud-based tools. Blockchain startup Powerpeers runs a digital interactive peer-to-peer market for self-produced energy, while Bankymoon offers a blockchain smart metering solution. Dutch operator Stedin monitors real-time “self-healing” power grids that can restore power to customers within a minute of a power outage.

On almost every front, digital technology advances are challenging the traditional ways utilities have managed their operations. To better understand the potential likelihood and impact of digitization on utilities, Oliver Wyman examined the level of digitization of eight German utilities’ generation, trading, network, and sales, and ranked them based on a questionnaire in comparison to cross-industry best practices.

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German utilities have only begun to tap the potential of digitization, with an average overall utilization rate of 31 on a scale of zero to 100


Source: Oliver Wyman analysis

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Thomas Fritz is a Düsseldorf-based partner in Oliver Wyman’s Energy practice, Matthias Mohr is a Munich-based engagement manager in Oliver Wyman’s Energy practice, and Joerg Staeglich is a Munich-based partner in Oliver Wyman’s Energy practice.

Digital Electricity