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The agility imperative in an online world

The rapid growth of e-commerce is reshaping the distribution ecosystem and the balance of power among suppliers, retailers, online players, distributors, and logistics groups.

There is a fundamental shift in the way buyers shop, thereby increasing complexity for distributors. Distributors risk losing buyers, cash flow, and control on key elements of their value chain.

B2B customers want to fully benefit from the omnichannel experience, and, for distributors, this creates challenges and opportunities. This article presents a new way of thinking about the operational implications of omnichannel distribution and two steps distributors should take to survive and win in the new world:

  1. Use agile approaches to IT and business – focus on long-term consumer trends and continuously adapt to an evolving target
  2. Create a practical action plan to ensure your operations are, or will become, truly customer-centric

For the original edition of this report, see The Emergence of Omnichannel Operations in B2B: How to Win and Survive

Limber Up