The Emergence of Omnichannel Operations in B2B

How to win and survive

Most distributors, retailers, consumer good companies, and online pure players have made significant investments in building omnichannel capabilities in recent years.

For all players, omnichannel requires a dramatic and fundamental shift in mentality from cost-centric, largely hidden from view supply chains to front-and-center, customer-centric operations.

The article presents a new way of thinking about the operational implications of omnichannel distribution and two steps distributors should take to survive and win in the new world:

  1. Use agile approaches to IT and business – focus on long-term consumer trends and continuously adapt to an evolving target
  2. Four things you need to do – these areas will help drive customer-centric operations: dynamic network design and order fulfillment, last mile and delivery, integration with vendors, systems and technology innovation

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The Emergence of Omnichannel Operations in B2B