Risk Governance Guidelines for Unconventional Gas Development

Huge global interest in unconventional gas development, but also widespread popular concern, means it is critical to understand the risks from drilling and to develop appropriate regulatory frameworks that will both set standards and encourage innovation.

This report from the International Risk Governance Council (IRGC), contributed to by the Global Risk Center, distils much of the available academic and industry literature on environmental risks and identifies the key risk considerations for policymakers and other potentially affected stakeholders.

Based on extensive consultation with experts, the report calls for the creation of a global round table that would serve as a platform for sharing learning on technical and regulatory issues to ensure the safe, efficient, responsible and sustainable development of unconventional gas resources.  This forum might both act as a clearing house for information on particular technologies and processes, and also promote knowledge transfer across the oil and gas industry and between the industry and other stakeholders.


Risk Governance Guidelines for Unconventional Gas Development