Building Value From Care

Optimizing call centers in the telecom industry.

In light of increased margin pressure resulting from growing competition and industry commoditization, many telecom operators have launched operational efficiency programs involving, among other initiatives, the optimization of customer care.

The term “customer care” encompasses commercial and technical care hotlines as well as back-office, billing and collection activities. In the telecom sector, it accounts for, on average, around 10% of indirect operating expenses for fixed-line and mobile services. The sector’s customer care activity is heavily driven by call volumes: Operators receive, on average, 1.8 and 2.5 calls per subscriber per year for fixed-line and mobile services respectively. Despite the clear cost opportunities in this field, Oliver Wyman believes that providing services at minimum costs should not come at the expense of customer satisfaction. When carried out smartly, operations can be improved simultaneously in the areas of quality, upselling potential and cost reductions.

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Building Value From Care