Airline Economic Analysis 2012

Oliver Wyman’s Aviation, Aerospace & Defense practice released its annual analysis of leading economic and business indicators in conjunction with the February 2nd Raymond James Global Airline Conference.

In the 37 page report, select US carriers are reviewed across a variety of different cost and revenue metrics. This year, further analysis on margin implications was also conducted. Major topics covered in the 2012 report include:

  • CASM / RASM comparisons
  • Long-term CASM trends
  • Stage length adjusted CASM
  • CASM comparisons for similar aircraft
  • Fuel prices
  • Unit revenue and changes in revenue composition over time
  • Ancillary revenue: Baggage and cancellation fees
  • RASM/CASM margins
  • Break-even load factors
  • International portion of US carrier revenues
  • Stage length adjusted costs for select international carriers

Airline Economic Analysis 2012