Serving the New Corporate Treasurer

The financial crisis and credit crunch fundamentally and irrevocably altered the role of the Corporate Treasurer from a traditionally back-office intensive function to one that is significantly more visible and highly strategic. The crisis also re-emphasized for many banks the value of Transaction Banking as a more stable and low-risk source of growth and revenue.

In this Oliver Wyman report, Serving the new Corporate Treasurer: Implications for Transaction Banking, we detail the needs of the "new" Corporate Treasurer by outlining the role's five core mandates as organizations concentrate on growth and recovery (rather than crisis management).  We also discuss how Transaction Banking businesses should orient strategically to best serve this client by focusing on six key themes that capitalize on the opportunities and minimize any potential negative impacts of the new environment.

We believe that the enhanced role and needs of Corporate Treasury as a client present new challenges and relationship-deepening opportunities for Transaction Banking businesses in 2011, as both sides poise for growth.

Serving the New Corporate Treasurer