Rethinking Cost Management In Retail And Consumer Goods

Rethinking Cost Management

To stay competitive, retailers and consumer goods companies need to invest in dramatic cost reduction efforts in order to powerfully and efficiently propel their organization's growth. Now is the time to go beyond traditional approaches and move to smarter cost transformations where processes, incentives, and mindsets are aligned to enable successful and sustainable operations at a dramatically lower cost level. Drawing on more than 30 years of our experience, and utilizing our international team who have supported consumer-facing companies across the globe, we offer a holistic cost reduction programme that is adjusted to each client’s concerns. Whether organizations need one-off cost optimization, sustainable cost management or a full strategic redesign, our uniquely powerful and pragmatic framework for cost transformation can help businesses achieve impactful results.


Our Expertise by Cost Area

Cost Transformations

We reduce our clients costs by working with them to set up rigorous programs with tight control. These programs cut across the traditional buckets of cost reduction schemes in order to sustainably lower the cost base and offer a better customer proposition.

Goods For Resale

From reengineering private label products and redesigning the supplier base to advanced negotiation approaches and tools, we are able to continuously secure better prices for the client and better products for the customer.

Goods Not For Resale

By implementing a targeted expense diagnosis on goods not for resale (GNFR), we apply efficient and effective sourcing actions (buy cheaper, buy better, buy less) to identify and implement sustainable cost reductions, which are directly linked to the P&L.

Head Office Cost

Applying our zero-based organization (ZBO) and zero-based budgeting (ZBB) methodology gives us the ability to review, redesign, and rebuild the organization with a focus on the essential tasks. At the same time, we help our clients invest in strategic capabilities needed to grow.

Store Operations and Labor

Our comprehensive insights into store operations, best-practice processes, and value adding services allow us to jointly design activity driven labor scheduling tools and world-class store processes. Our digital solutions ensure sustainability of programs and enduring benefits.

Supply Chain

We understand supply chain as a value driving aspect of the business. We support our clients from strategy development to operational optimization and implementation. Our customer centric digital solutions enable clients to manage the growing complexity of physical and information flows.

Our Global Experts