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Oliver Wyman’s Chemicals team helps Chemical corporations - from traditional Chemical and Petrochemical majors, to mid-sized privately held portfolio companies - realize significant top and bottom-line impact through sustainable transformational efforts in every step of the Chemical value chain.


We bring a unique focus on tangible impact and in-depth experience in developing as well as implementing solutions for years for clients in the Chemical industry.

Corporate Strategy

As one of the world’s premier corporate strategy consulting firms, Oliver Wyman helps leading chemical enterprises develop, build, and operate strong businesses that deliver sustained shareholder value growth. We look at strategy from the "outside in," finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future customer priorities. We harness thought leadership in the areas below to deliver breakthrough recommendations to clients:
  • Growth Strategy and Corporate Portfolio
  • Non-Organic Growth and M&A
  • Performance Improvement
  • Business Design and Innovation
  • Corporate Center and Shared Services
  • Strategic Planning


While several Chemical corporations are focussed on developing their functional excellence, one area that is often overlooked is the overall operating model, which consists of cross-functional capabilities, collaborative structures and cultural elements. While necessary, solely having the right processes, tools, and systems is no longer sufficient to ensure the success of this operating model.

Our Chemicals team has developed unique perspectives and led transformative efforts at leading chemical companies to implement operating models that deliver best-in-class performance. For our team, the process begins with assessing existing operating models and helping the organization understand its position with respect to peers and competitors.

Marketing, Sales Effectiveness, and Pricing

When it comes to pricing and commercial strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all in the Chemical industry. Our Chemicals team works with clients to analyze all aspects that may influence their overall pricing model, such as customer segmentation, service model and channel strategies, differential price setting, pricing operating model, pricing discipline improvement through advanced analytics, sales deployment models and internal pricing culture.

For many companies across the Chemical industry, our team has delivered nearly 20% year-over-year EBIT improvements through pricing, and has built sustainable pricing capabilities as well as systems to maintain consistent performance over time.

Digital Transformation

In today's competitive landscape across the Chemical sector, digital transformation is no longer an option, but rather a necessity. Our Chemicals team focuses on the use of advanced analytics methods, machine learning models and other digital advancements to help Chemical companies drive their operations to the next level of performance, improve customer experience, and increase efficiency.

We leverage unparalleled experience in accessing and linking data from many disconnected sources, making it readily-accessible both on-demand and at record speed.

Manufacturing Excellence

Even in this age of digital advancement and Industry 4.0, many companies in the Chemical and Process industries continue to struggle with basic operational issues such as consistently meeting customer delivery expectations, low inventory turns, low asset productivity, high logistics expenditures, and cost.

Our Chemicals team helps companies achieve manufacturing excellence through alignment of strategy and execution to market needs, while optimizing responsiveness and efficiency. Companies who do this well transform operations into a decisive competitive advantage.


Our Chemicals team helps the procurement function increase its maturity and ability to tackle hard-to-reach savings and perennially bring value to the top-line. 

Through the use of advanced analytics and world class methods and tools, Chemical companies can quickly realize significant procurement savings, from opportunity identification to business case delivery in profit and loss. We take a holistic view of each client’s operating model, in an effort to transform their way of working and value creation through the development and implementation of an efficient and consistent procurement model that is unique to their own circumstances.

Supply Chain Optimization

Developing innovative and impactful solutions to increase the performance and results of supply chain processes and networks is vital for Chemical companies to remain competitive in today's dynamic economy.

To help clients design and implement winning supply chains and network strategies, we leverage an array of proprietary tools and methods. In addition, we turn to some of the most advanced digital technologies to help Chemical companies deliver value, foster cross-functional collaboration, and provide end-to-end transparency in performance management.