Pramod Gupta
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Pramod, a partner based in our Boston office, is passionate about large-scale supply chain transformations and multi-plant improvement programs.

He specializes in manufacturing and distribution restructuring, make-or-buy decisions, multi-site performance improvement programs, demand and supply planning, and digital and industry 4.0 solutions.

Recently, he has focused on helping companies develop game-changing end-to-end strategies to achieve transparency, agility, and the next level of business performance. Industry leaders rely on his expertise to seek advice on the toughest supply chain issues.

Many companies have reached a plateau in their operations excellence journey, but digitalization of the supply chain provides the much-needed enablement to achieve top quartile performance

Pramod’s consulting methodology is firmly rooted in the principles of lean and continuous improvement. His extensive operational experience, which includes working with more than 40 clients across more than 175 factories and warehouses, informs his approach.

As a recognized thought leader, Pramod has contributed significantly to the field. His article, “Artificial Intelligence — The Sixth Sense For Supply Chain Risks?” has been published in the esteemed Harvard Business Review.

Despite the demanding nature of consulting, Pramod underscores the necessity of a balanced work-life dynamic. He advocates for a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and maintaining strong connections with family and friends.