The inflation shift

Inflation remains high even amid a decline in rates, and fears of a global recession persist. Corporations may be able to use inflation to their advantage, however, improving their efficiency and sustainability and putting purpose at the center of their vision. Our series The Inflation Shift presents a variety of views on inflation and provides suggestions for how both the private and public sector can meet this challenge and become more resilient.

European and US Business leaders sentiment toward inflation

40% of senior business leaders across Europe and the US have engaged in digital transformation—both client- and service-related, as well as and internal—due to inflation. Cost transformation and customer experience transformation each were key initiatives for more than one third of the respondents.

For 38% of senior business leaders across Europe and the US, increased raw material cost is a top risk linked to inflation.

More than six in 10 senior business leaders in Europe and the US totally agree that inflation has made them want to prioritize the quality of their offerings, as well as to strengthen relationships with their providers.

Due to inflation, senior business leaders in Europe and the US plan to increase the quality of their offering (63% totally agree) and strengthen their relationships with their providers (61% totally agree).

Latest insights

We are clearly navigating a difficult growth and inflation environment. It is very easy now to act in a short-term way, but there are also reasons for optimism. Many aspects of the economy remain robust
Nick Studer, CEO Oliver Wyman

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