Tanja Colanero
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Tanja is a Principal based in Los Angeles. She has more than eight years of experience in the retail and consumer goods in Europe and the Americas. 

Her expertise is asked by clients especially when it comes to the business transformations, operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Retail is a fascinating industry to work in – it all starts and ends with the consumer. I help clients to deliver superior customer experience at the point of sale by optimizing their business operations touching on the entire supply chain from purchasing, logistics all the way down the stores and customers

Tanja has worked on many operations and productivity improvement projects from Central to Eastern Europe and Russia, to Chile, and China. Outcome of these projects is an optimized operating model where levers like digitalization of business processes, simplifications and smarter labor scheduling lead to massive cost advantages and better customer services at the same time.

With many disruptors in retail and consumer goods, there are plenty of new opportunities and questions around: What future role will physical stores play? How will consumers respond to the rise of discount formats? How to digitize retail operations? Delivering the answers to those strategic questions is part of my day to day job in dealing with my clients

Tanja holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Regensburg University, Germany and Ecole de Management Strasbourg, France.