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Sirko Siemssen
Global Practice Leader, Retail and Consumer Goods
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Sirko has been with Oliver Wyman since 1999, and now leads our global Retail and Consumer Goods team. He developed a passion early for studying the power of consumerism, branding, and trade.

Delivering real impact is key, but making it truly sustainable by enabling our clients means we are making a real difference

"I love that I ended up in retail and consumer goods, where demand and supply actually meet every day; where the pace is incredibly high and where the impact of my work is immediately evident," Sirko says. "Seeing the globe and working with many of the most-recognized retail channels and leading consumer brands in Europe as well as in the Americas and Asia makes it only more exciting."

Living in a time of fundamental technological and demand change, new retail and consumer goods business models are rapidly emerging as the established ones are under pressure or reinventing themselves. Depending on the perspective, the outlook is full of opportunity or uncertainty or risks. Sirko works with clients to navigate these changes and helps them transform to address the opportunities and risks head-on.

In doing so, Sirko leverages his unique combination of deep industry and consulting understanding and strong skills in big data, analytics, and software. The result of his unique expertise package is “Real, Sustainable Impact” for our clients. In other words, measurable performance improvement with clear causalities as well as a tangible transformation of capabilities.

"In almost all engagements, I help clients build new approaches to data, analytics, and tools and actually hardwire them into strategic and operational decision making," Sirko notes. "This has improved the long-term return of our work to our clients and also made it much more interesting and fun for us!"