Marc Rousset
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Marc is a world-traveler, who was fortunate enough to take a residence in Europe, Asia, and the US at different points in his career. The time he spent immersing himself in the global culture alongside his international exploration has prepared him to work across borders in retail. Marc had been unknowingly training for a career in consulting since his time at McGill University. There he studied Finance as well as Mandarin and founded a startup that taught him about the importance of delivering tangible impact.

For client’s customers, we have strived to make the shopping experience more engaging, more personalized, and more enjoyable. We produce work that is at the forefront of how organizations are changing to create a more digital, automated, productive, and positive experience within their brand.

Marc has dedicated his consulting career to building an expertise in retail. He has supported many clients undergoing organizational improvements, digital transformations, targeted margins, AI implementation and many other turnarounds within the industry. Marc's experience has also given him the tools and insights to help consumer-centric companies keep-up with industry-wide changes and adapt to challenges. Retail is continually undergoing seismic shifts, and Marc helps organizations adapt to these changes and remain competitive within their respective markets. 

A lot of our work is at the forefront of how organizations are changing – creating a more digital, automated, productive, and positive experience.

Outside of Oliver Wyman Marc prioritizes time with his family. He is a father of two young boys, an avid mountain biker and a talented computer programmer. Above all, he is highly valued for the intellect, tenacity, and humility that he brings to the Oliver Wyman team.