Building modern businesses that thrive in the context of disruption

We put people at the center

The forces of digitization have rippled across the global economy, shifting the balance of power from suppliers to people. Meeting people where they are —whether at home, at work, or on the go — and solving for their needs has become the new cornerstone of success. Disruptors are moving swiftly to win the battle for customer attention and are changing the rules of the game across industries with surprising velocity. We work with you to craft the right portfolio of bets focused on breakthrough customer value. And we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your teams to de-risk and accelerate your path to sustainable growth.

Disruption By Design

Framing the right portfolio of bets

  • Distill the impact to your business from the collision of mega-trends.
  • Identify underserved customer problems by applying deep behavioral insights.
  • Experiment with customers to validate bets with in-market learning.
  • Fortify the conviction of both leaders and teams to move in a new direction while still leveraging your existing crown jewels.

Activation With Discipline

De-risking and accelerating your path to sustainable value

  • Modern solutions that people pull into their lives, powered by data and modern architecture.
  • Integrated delivery powered by inter-disciplinary teams.
  • Systematic releases that follow a stage-gate investment model, and source partners and components with modern methods.
  • Flywheel momentum that builds from beachheads towards deep and sustained customer engagement.

Our approach
grounded in six principles

We blend rigor with creativity, pragmatism with high ambition to help you channel disruption in your favor. We are relentlessly focused on unlocking new customer value as the basis for shareholder value.

It's not about guessing what people might want. If you pay attention, they will show you what matters most — where their struggles are at work, at home, and on the go — and where they have the greatest energy for progress


Global Consumer Sentiment Survey

We have unearthed the underlying needs, motivations, and values of 125,000+ people from across the globe, as they navigate COVID and beyond. These insights can serve as inspiration for generating breakthrough customer value. Join us in the Oliver Wyman Forum where we build leadership communities to act on shared global challenges.

Who We Are

We are an integrated team of leading practitioners working as one team, committed to dreaming and achieving together with you, with courage, dedication, and empathy.

Relevant Insights

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Many executives are concerned that new customer value is being generated in other industries now more than in financial services. Understanding this value gap and what to do about it is the subject of this year’s Oliver Wyman report on the future of financial services.

Revisiting The Customer Value Gap: The Future of Financial Wellness

In 2018 we introduced the “hexagon of financial needs,” highlighting all the ways consumers interact with money and showing how firms can serve them. Our predictions are playing out now – and new opportunities are emerging.

Employee loyalty is declining. Here's how to build it back

How do we rebuild loyalty in a world without? With talent shortages and turnover booming, organizations need to redefine the new employee-employer contract to encompass the holistic needs of the employee, from the most basic needs (fair pay, safety, flexibility, opportunities for growth) to the most elusive (purpose, respect, belonging).

Innovation and Modernization at AWS re:Invent

Join us in Vegas to find out more about driving innovation that powers growth and reinvention.

Beyond Overdraft

What should banks do about overdraft? We believe the crisis is accelerating the need to replace an antiquated product and an unsustainable value exchange. Our paper explains why and articulates a path forward.

Consumer Healthcare Survey 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how consumers access healthcare services. Oliver Wyman’s 2021 Consumer Healthcare Survey suggests that healthcare companies will need to realign their strategies to meet evolving consumer expectations.