World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023

Location: Davos, Switzerland Date: January 16-20, 2023


The 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos saw global leaders from government, business and civil society come together to address the state of the world and discuss priorities for the year ahead under the headline Cooperation in a Fragmented World. Playing an active role at the forum, from hosting events to moderating panels, Oliver Wyman led advanced conversations to help clients and communities find clarity in an uncertain world and expand what is possible. Oliver Wyman's CEO and President, Nick Studer, shares his three key takeaways from the event. 

Nick Studer,
Cooperation is more important than ever in the increasingly fragmented world we live in. Business leaders need to build trust, strengthen resilience, and accelerate change to generate solutions to our shared global challenges
Nick Studer, CEO and President, Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman at Davos

Turn Risk Into Resilience

As part of the Marsh McLennan delegation, our events at Davos 2023 were designed to spark discussion and action on a range of issues facing business leaders in today's uncertain world.

January 16 at 15:00 CET

Session Moderator: Arshiya Kapadia, Global Director of Social Media, Marsh McLennan

Guest: John Romeo, CEO, Oliver Wyman Forum


Gen Z has been impacted significantly over the past few years, beginning their careers during the COVID-19 pandemic and facing significant changes in the digital world.  It is apparent that this generation is significantly different then those who have come before. How will these differences impact employers and businesses in the near future? Recent research by the Oliver Wyman Forum offers crucial insights into how Gen Z will impact the workplace, business and society as a whole.

Join us on January 16th at 9AM ET for a LinkedIn Live conversation as we discuss what business needs to know about Gen Z right now with John Romeo, CEO, Oliver Wyman Forum and Arshiya Kapadia, Global Director of Social Media, Marsh McLennan. #MMLive #WEF23

January 17 at 07:00-08:30 CET

Hosts: Kamal Ahmed, Editor-In-Chief, The News Movement; John Romeo, Managing Partner and Head, Oliver Wyman Forum

This invitation-only, interactive panel discussion will explore the myriad ways Gen Z is impacting and redefining business and society. The breakfast will gather senior leaders from business, media, academia, and the public sector with Gen Z creators and reveal the findings from one of the most comprehensive studies into the lives, views, and behaviors of 18 to 25-year-olds in the United States and United Kingdom.

Accounting for more than a quarter of the global population, Gen Z will create disruptive shifts across the public and private sectors in the next decade, many of which are already underway:

  • 45% have side hustles, and more than 60% are looking for new jobs
  • They are two times more likely to report a mental health issue
  • 62% invest in cryptocurrencies, and almost all believe their investment will make them a millionaire

January 17 at 07:30-09:00 CET

Regional or global recession, inflation and resulting divergent monetary policy, varying
regulatory demands, and increasing geopolitical headwinds present industry leaders of global institutions with significant strategic challenges heading into 2023. How do they maintain a global business while tackling local realities? Where are the pockets of growth on how to address issues including talent, technology, the changing nature of risk, and the broader question of purpose?

January 17 at 12:00-13:30 CET

Hosts: Nick Studer, CEO, Oliver Wyman; Ted Moynihan, Managing Partner, Oliver Wyman

Climate change is the greatest existential threat of our time. Finance and Energy are at the heart of the solution. We cannot compartmentalize the world into good and bad. To impact climate, Finance must go where the emissions are. Working together to embrace the transition will be critical. In an intimate lunch, we will hear perspectives from our senior leadership panel across Energy, Financial Services and Policymakers on this important topic.

 January 18 at 07:00 CET

Hosts: Kelly T. Clements, Deputy High Commissioner, UNHCR; Nick Studer, CEO, Oliver Wyman

The UNHCR is launching a Refugee Environmental Protection (REP) Fund to invest in reforestation and clean cooking programs in refugee situations globally. The fund is a flagship, high-visibility project run by the UNHCR and with direct support from the High Commissioner. It is a key part of UNHCR’s Operational Strategy for Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability 2022-2025.

Oliver Wyman has supported some of the work underpinning the ideation and planning of the fund over the last year. We are the first Corporate Founding Partner of the REP Fund alongside two governments, a prominent law firm, and a large European development bank. We invite other partners to join us on this multi-year journey of this transformative opportunity.

January 18 at 09:00-09:45 CET

Economies across Latin America face a host of challenges as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and enter an unprecedented macro environment. The financial services sector will play a major role in this recovery. It must ensure that money is being allocated in a manner that prioritizes sustainability and the preservation of climate and nature.

This roundtable will convene industry leaders and policy-makers to explore how the region can meet challenges such as transition finance and biodiversity conservation while facilitating economic growth and job creation.

January 19 at 07:00-08:30 CET

Host: Nick Studer, CEO, Oliver Wyman

Guests: Justin Blake, Executive Director of the Trust Institute, Edelman; Sally Susman, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Pfizer; Sam Glick, Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences, Oliver Wyman

We will gather leaders from across the health ecosystem to explore the erosion in trust we’ve seen throughout the pandemic. 

From the rapidly evolving nature of how information is conveyed and consumed as well as whom to trust, the dicussion will look at the new strategies required to build and maintain trust in healthcare, an industry not accustomed to influencers trumping institutions.

January 19 at 15:00-16.00 CET

Session Moderator:  Amelia Woltering, Global Communications Leader, Marsh McLennan

Guest: Sam Glick, Global Leader, Health and Life Sciences at Oliver Wyman


More than 80% of people surveyed by the Oliver Wyman Forum last year said disinformation is a problem, and almost a third claimed they have been victims of fake news.

Misinformation is especially rampant in the healthcare industry — Oliver Wyman found that one in five people continue to believe that COVID-19 was a hoax/conspiracy pushed by the US government. At Davos, we will host an event exploring consumer trust in healthcare.

Please join Amelia Woltering, Marsh McLennan’s Global Leader of Communications, and Sam Glick, Oliver Wyman's Global Leader of Health & Life Sciences for a LinkedIn Live session to discuss the erosion in trust we’ve seen through the pandemic.


Explore more about the Marsh McLennan delegation at Davos.

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Explore our perspectives on turning risk into resilience and the issues related to the 2023 World Economic Forum annual meetings themes.

WEF Collaborations

Oliver Wyman has been supporting the World Economic Forum as a knowledge partner on a broad range of initiatives over the past decade. Find our more about our current collaborations:

Since 2020, we have been a knowledge partner to the Financing the Transition to a Net-Zero Future (FTT) initiative, a multistakeholder collaboration to identify solutions that would accelerate financing towards innovative climate solutions for the key hard-to-abate sectors. The finance-focused initiative has engaged financiers, industry stakeholders, and public institutions to analyze specific decarbonization technologies, develop mechanisms for different stakeholders to co-design solutions, and identify policy interventions necessary to mobilize private capital.

Collaborating with the Mission Possible Partnership industry verticals, the initiative has developed financing blueprints for the Aviation, Steel and Shipping sectors based on analysis of specific breakthrough technologies. These blueprints are the subject of the initiative's most recent insight reports: Financing the Transition to a Net-Zero Future and Closing the Investment Gap.

In 2023, we support the World Economic Forum in developing and publishing guidance to support companies in prioritising their nature-positive business action. While exploring regional considerations and the role of financing, the work will set out priority nature-positive actions for four sectors: chemicals, construction materials, consumer goods, and meat, poultry and dairy.

The actions will consider both reducing negative impacts on nature as well as unlocking opportunities associated with the nature-positive transition. We are working in collaboration with guidance providers, policymakers, and corporates in these sectors through the World Economic Forum’s Champions for Nature community, and dedicated working groups, and an advisory panel.

In 2023, Oliver Wyman will support the World Economic Forum on the Partnership for Advancing Health in Climate Action, aimed to set a global agenda, engage a network, and promote awareness and uptake of research to catalyze action addressing the impact of climate change on global health. The partnership will release a series of reports in 2023 to bridge knowledge gaps on the interconnections between climate change and global health. 

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