Oliver Wyman at the 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Location: Davos, Switzerland Date: May 22-26, 2022


History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies

As the world faces the most consequential geopolitical and geo-economic moments, all against the backdrop of a once-in-a-century pandemic, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 brought together nearly 2,500 leaders and experts committed to the “Davos Spirit” of improving the state of the world. The meeting provided a platform for thought leaders worldwide to reconnect, share insights, and gain fresh perspectives. Only through cooperation can we build real problem-solving communities and launch initiatives to tackle global issues and find solutions to the world's most urgent challenges.

Nick Studer,
Davos presented an opportunity to engage with leaders across sectors to advance a world that looks very different to when this group last met in person
Nick Studer, CEO and President, Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman at Davos

Oliver Wyman was on the ground again in Davos this year with our colleagues from Marsh and McLennan, and hosting and taking part in a series of events throughout the week. See below a list of our sessions and speakersand read more about the topics discussed in Davos in our media coverage summary.

Thursday, May 19, 2022, 3:00 PM

Hosts: A Conversation between Nick Studer, President and CEO, Oliver Wyman;  Arshiya Kapadia, Global Director of Social Media, Marsh McLennan

The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting will be the organization’s first global in-person annual meeting since the outbreak of COVID-19. Join Nick Studer, President and CEO, Oliver Wyman Group, and Arshiya Kapadia, Global Director of Social Media, Marsh McLennan on May 19th at 9AM ET for a live discussion on the climate issues on agenda and what lies ahead of us as we recover from the pandemic. #WEF22 #MMLive

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Monday, May 23, 08:00 am CET

The transformational shift in China towards a capital market driven financial system paired with the ongoing opening of what has become a $58 trillion market to foreign institutions presents significant opportunities to global financial institutions and investors. Join this session with opening remarks from Ted Moynihan to explore how financial institutions can capture these evolving opportunities and to see which partnership models between global and domestic institutions have proven most successful.

Monday, May 23, 12:00–13:30 CET

Hosts: Nick Studer, CEO, Oliver Wyman; Ted Moynihan, Managing Partner, Oliver Wyman
With: Adena Friedman, President and CEO of Nasdaq; Michael Miebach, CEO of Mastercard

Companies and societies face significant challenges. Recovering from a global pandemic, mounting inflation, war-stressed supplies, and a closing window to accelerate the transition to net-zero all loom large. The Financial Services industry needs to play an integral role in helping to steer the global economy through these challenges. At the same time the forces of disruption in the industry driven by decentralised finance and digital assets are accelerating. In a fireside chat with Adena Friedman, President and CEO of Nasdaq and Michael Miebach, CEO of Mastercard, we explore how Financial Services can collaborate and transform in new ways to help face these challenges.

Tuesday, May 24, 07:00 am CET

Hosts: Shirin Pakfar and Siddhartha Sinha (UNHCR); Nick Studer and Christian Edelmann (Oliver Wyman)

The UNHCR are launching a Refugee Environmental Protection (REP) Fund to invest in reforestation and clean cooking programs in refugee situations globally. The fund is a flagship, high visibility project run by the UNHCR and with direct support from the High Commissioner. It is a central part of UNHCR’s Operational Strategy for Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability 2022-2025. Oliver Wyman has supported some of the work underpinning the ideation and planning of the fund over the last year. We are now one of the corporate founding partners alongside two governments, a prominent law firm, and a large European development bank. We wish to extend an invite to other partners to join us on this multi-year journey on this transformative opportunity.

Tuesday, May 24, 07:00 am CET

Sustainability considerations are becoming increasingly prominent in financial institution and investor strategies. How will these sectors continue to adapt business models to effectively serve changing clients needs? Ted Moynihan will moderator a discussion with the Financial and Monetary Systems' sustainability community to review progress and identify future opportunities. 

Tuesday, May 24, 12:00 pm CET

Amid the pandemic, supply shocks and war, markets have remained broadly buoyant and at times reached unpredictable highs. Nick Studer will join a panel of industry leaders to discuss how detached markets are from economic reality.

Wednesday, May 25, 07:00-08:30 CET

Host: John Romeo, Managing Partner, Oliver Wyman  

Panelists: Kamal Ahmed, Editor-in-Chief at The News Movement; Ian Phillips, Vice President of International News at Associated Press

What role do digital and social media play in spreading misinformation? How does misinformation contribute to geopolitical conflict? What role should private and public institutions play in countering misinformation? And finally, what is the cost of misinformation to your business and how do you navigate it?


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