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The Global Risks Report 2023, published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Marsh McLennan, examines how widening geopolitical, economic, and societal fissures will trigger and exacerbate crises to come. 

Drawing on insights from more than 1,200 experts and policymakers worldwide, the report unpacks some of the key dangers in the short term, highlights escalating risks over the next decade, and examines how competition for critical resources such as food and minerals may play out in alternate futures. 

Key takeaways from the 2023 Global Risks Report for businesses

Carolina Klint on building organizational resilience to future crises

Global Economic and Commercial Pressures

A new economic era will bring in more risks of stagnation, divergence, and distress

Dr. Lutz Jaede on global economic and commercial pressures 

Businesses will face a turbulent year, marked by continued inflationary pressures, supply chain disruptions, and rising geoeconomic tensions. Oliver Wyman’s Dr. Lutz Jaede explores how businesses can thrive and remain resilient against these risks in 2023.

Digital, Tech, and Cyber

Risks from cybersecurity will remain a constant concern for businesses and governments

Erica Davis on risks in the digital, tech, and cyber space

The development of new technologies like quantum computing have shifted cyber risk exposures for businesses. Despite significant progress in cybersecurity protocols, businesses will need to remain vigilant and resilient against emergent threats. Guy Carpenter’s Erica Davis explores the cyber risk landscape for 2023.

Climate and Biodiversity

Climate mitigation and climate adaptation efforts are set up for a risky trade-off, while nature collapses

Amy Barnes on climate and biodiversity 

Climate change and nature are intrinsically interconnected with human health and business productivity. As climate change accelerates, businesses face greater scrutiny to adapt to new regulatory environments and consumer demands. Marsh McLennan’s Amy Barnes discusses how businesses should navigate nature-based risks in 2023.

Health and Well-Being

More frequent infectious disease outbreaks, against the background of chronic diseases risks, are pushing exhausted healthcare systems to the brink

Dr. Lorna Friedman on health and well-being

Financial pressures, chronic healthcare capacity issues, and intensifying climate conditions are the biggest threats to human health. Businesses should expect to evaluate their ESG plans, risk mitigation strategies, and benefit schemes to support workers. Mercer’s Dr. Lorna Friedman discusses health risks for 2023.