Refugee Hiring


In 2015, we started our deliberate efforts to offer refugees either short-term job security or a whole new career pathway. Today, we continue to recruit qualified candidates from refugee populations around the world. The insights these individuals give us into the challenges refugees face is truly humbling and strengthens our resolve to support more people displaced from their homes due to war, persecution, and disaster.


When working to support refugees, we focus on three aims. To recruit qualified candidates from refugee populations; to support refugee’s entrepreneurial ambitions; and to champion refugee support programs among our clients.

Recruit Refugees
We recruit qualified candidates from refugee populations around the world.
Enhance Entrepreneurship
Our colleagues support and advise refugees starting and building their own businesses.
Client Advocacy
We show our clients how they can better support refugees, and connect them to existing programs.

Please contact us with any ideas about how we can help, or to find out more about our refugee recruiting initiative.

We are watching thousands flee danger around the world. While situations and solutions are always complex, we want to do our part by recruiting qualified candidates from refugee populations.
Scott McDonald, Former CEO of Oliver Wyman, Founder of Refugee Hiring Initiative (2015)