Infographic: Healthcare’s Digital Disruptors


Six ways that the new generation of connective technologies can impact the industry and drive long-term value.

Sukanya Soderland and Chris Schrader

4 min read

The toolkit to deliver on the goals of affordability, efficiency, experience, and outcomes has rapidly evolved over the past few years. Powerful data, analytics and connectivity technologies can help transform the cycle from ‘fix and repair’ to ‘predict and prevent’ – and in doing so, can change the course of how care is delivered, how people can live better, and how we can drive to a more affordable and sustainable healthcare model.

The below infographic, compiled by Oliver Wyman’s Sukanya Soderland and Chris Schrader, highlights six ways these new technologies can transform health and the healthcare experience.


  • Sukanya Soderland and
  • Chris Schrader