Aerospace Recovery Post COVID-19 Part 3

Presenters: Jérôme Bouchard and Ken Aso

This episode was first published on January 28,  2021.

This coronavirus is here for the long haul; however, the pandemic is not playing out the same way from place to place. Difference regions and countries are at different points in their recovery, but where are we on the path to aviation industrial revival?

Join Jérôme Bouchard and Ken Aso for the third installment of Aerospace Recovery Post COVID-19, where they revisit decisions that suppliers and OEMs will have to make around production and models in order to recover from the inevitable contraction the airline industry faces.

Since the April bottom – where it was about 75% down – flight hours have increased. Specifically in China, where we have seen 99% of the fleet recover and 93% of utilization recovery domestically
Ken Aso
Featured Topics
  • Following a recent Oliver Wyman survey, they will discuss the changing attitude for travellers and just how confident and comfortable they will be feeling to get back into the skies.
  • Short and long-term airline traffic recovery scenarios, comparing the implications and contrasts between an accelerated or prolonged recovery
  • In-service fleet forecast and retirement, a mismatch of production and delivery. What challenges do the aerospace supply chains face?
  • Trends and resilience factors for the MRO Aftermarket
Our aerospace industry is resilient. It is a global industry. People will need and like to travel. The traffic figures will go up again. I am very optimistic in the mid and long-term
Jérôme Bouchard