Insurance Insights – Q1 2018

The rapid pace of change in today's insurance industry means there are many lingering questions for business leaders. Oliver Wyman's Insurance Insights examines major industry themes, enabling businesses to turn challenges into tomorrow's opportunities.

Executive Conversations with Bill Scaldaferri President & CEO Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS NA), North America

Bill Scaldaferri, President and CEO of AGCS NA shares his thoughts on strategic partnerships, better utilizing data, and cyber risk.

As the industry continues to evolve and transform at a rapid pace, Bill Scaladaferri shares his vision for how AGCS NA will improve customer product delivery through innovation and collaboration. First started in 2009, our Insurance Insights: Executive Conversations series examines some of the most topical and relevant questions being faced by the global insurance industry today.

The Customer Value Gap for Insurers

What can insurers learn from big tech to stay relevant for customers’ evolving needs?

Insurance is not known for being at the forefront of innovation. By and large, customers are buying the same types of covers from the same carriers in the same way as they were 20 years ago. Contrast this to the way that technology has changed the way in which we navigate a journey and we can see how stark the gap is between the real innovators and disruptors and our industry. Oliver Wyman recently published a major financial services industry report on The Customer Value Gap - read more here about the implications for the insurance industry.



Next Generation of Operational Excellence for Insurers

Efficiency versus excellence: how will digital re-engineering have a positive impact on operational excellence programs?

One decade after the financial crisis, many insurers are already launching their second or third group wide program. In most cases, these programs are singularly focused on cost-savings, usually concentrating on improving efficiency rather than excellence. It is now time to take a more holistic approach. How can digital transformation help insurers strike the right balance? 

The New CIO Imperative

Transform the organization – not just the technology! It is time for the CIO to take ownership of change.

The CIO was once the builder and implementer of time-tested IT systems from proven vendors; today, the CIO needs to be a champion of innovation and experimentation. Nobody knows what the digital world will look like in 2020, yet many CIOs are still struggling to finding a balance between maintaining aging systems and building a new agile digital environment

P&C: It’s Not Personal Anymore

After decades of stability for the operating model in the property/casualty business, in 2018 many forces are driving change.

Our InsurTech Connect blog looks at how incumbents can respond - and which tools they will need