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The world in which we live and do business is changing fast, driven by global issues such as the climate crisis, COVID-19, and digitalization.


For London to remain a leading city with international appeal, it needs to rapidly adapt to these changes and become agile enough to respond to future trends.


This report, written in partnership with the City of London Corporation, lays out the tangible actions being taken in the Square Mile to secure London and the UK’s positions as places where companies and people can thrive.  

annual visitor spend
jobs in culture, leisure, hospitality and retail
annual visits to attractions
By maintaining a world-leading role in fostering talent and innovation, London will in turn be able to help other UK cities and regions bring in wealth and talent.
John Romeo, Managing Director, The Oliver Wyman Forum


As part of this work, 4,670 members of the public were interviewed. It would be impossible to try and do everything on their wish list, and so we helped the City of London Corporation focus on priority recommendations validated by over 250 senior leaders. At the heart of these were three core dimensions.


The Square Mile’s future is bright and we will rise to the challenge of adapting to the new normal that emerges after the pandemic.
William Russell, Lord Mayor of the City of London