The Importance Of Data

British retail consortium podcast

Across all levels of retail, decisions big and small have to be made every day. A category manager chooses to de-list a particular flavour of yoghurt. A commercial manager decides how much of a discount they want to ask from a supplier. A store boss needs to adjust staffing levels over a bank holiday. A board chair needs to understand how financials are performing. And the list goes on.


Making all these decisions relies on insights that come from data. But there is a frustration around getting the data fast enough, or in a useful format, or in a way that is easy to interpret and share. Data and analytics should drive competitive advantage, but for many it’s a struggle.

In this podcast, we’re chatting to British Retail Consortium to share our ideas on

  • Why a retailer’s current approach to updating their data and technology could leave them behind the curve
  • The best ways to transform a retailer with old, legacy IT into a business that is built for a digital world and ready for AI
  • How other sectors are approaching digital transformation and what retailers can learn from them