Asia's Digital Hospitals Of Tomorrow

This article was first published on August  18, 2020. 

Even as we herald the age of new front doors to healthcare in markets such as the United States, in contrast, Asia’s healthcare system is still characterized as hospital-dependent. Asia also still faces an acute supply shortage, compared to the OECD, due to the high capital expenditure required to build and operate traditional hospitals and the lack of clinical talent. To further add to the list, a generally under-developed primary care system, nascent health technology adoption, and the impact of COVID have all accelerated the need to revisit the traditional healthcare industry in Asia.

Now may be an opportune time for Asia’s providers to consider how their portfolios should adapt to a reinvention of care delivery and leapfrog to Asia’s Digital Hospital of Tomorrow. Download the report below to read through the case for change and potential archetypes of the future.

Asia's Digital Hospitals Of Tomorrow