The Digital Attacker

A guide to radically digitize incumbents

The digital age offers new opportunities for established companies, but it also poses enormous challenges. The competitive landscape is changing, with new players ranging from start-ups to market-spanning giants like Amazon and Google. At the same time, there is a significant shift in customer expectations, especially in rate-based, direct-to-consumer business. Customers in the digital age want everything right away – and it must be convenient, customized etc. If they find a cheaper offer online, there is little to prevent them from cancelling their current contract.

Against this background, Oliver Wyman supports established companies to successfully shift into "digital attack mode". Combining strategic advice with hands-on technical execution, we help setting up digital platforms and delivery models. With this "one-stop-shop" approach, which has already been applied successfully across industries from energy to financial services, established companies can launch a new digital platform within six to nine months.

Digital attack mode for established companies

The Digital Attacker