The Future Of Retail Is Omnichannel

Most Consumers Love the Idea Of Shopping Online, But Share Remains Low. Why?

People hate shopping online because the web interface can be slow and clunky, providing poor photos and confusing information. Delivery costs are high and waiting at home for a delivery is inconvenient. Worst of all, there is rarely anyone to speak to for help.

People love shopping online because they can consult a limitless catalogue, filter rapidly by feature and price, and consult user and expert reviews. They can also compare retailers for the best prices. Best of all, they can skip physical stores’ check out queues and the traffic jams en route. 

Exhibit: Instead we believe “blocker removal” has driven and will continue to drive customer adoption

Current blockers of online food, about to be addressed

Source: Oliver Wyman analysis

The Future Of Retail Is Omnichannel