Retail And Consumer Journal Volume 6

Continuing upheaval in retail and consumer makes for very exciting and – at least for some – distressing times. Online commerce is advancing like a tsunami, and engulfing an ever-wider range of segments, including some that in the past were critically dependent upon physical stores. Big changes are afoot.

New models are encroaching ever more on traditional ground. In sectors which in the past seemed critically dependent upon physical stores, online is gaining traction. Manufacturers have started to sell their products directly to consumers. And high-profile moves are underway to crack food – the biggest retail segment, and so far the most-resistant to the internet challenge.

This year’s Retail and Consumer Journal takes a sweeping view of a world buffeted by change that is taking place at unprecedented pace. We examine the emerging opportunities – and threats – and highlight the clever and innovative ways in which companies are responding. We conclude that, for all kinds of retail – online, brick-and-mortar, and omnichannel – the end game lies a considerable time out in the future, and there is still all to play for.