Engineering 2030

Six megatrends that will shape engineering

More than €700 billion is spent annually in research and development (R&D) and engineering, according to the European Commission – and this amount is set to increase. Across all industries, software and digital technologies are putting pressure on engineering teams to transform their practices, become more agile, reduce time-to-market of new products, and work more openly with external partners.
We’re building at the same time the house and the crane to build the house: it’s a leap into the unknown

Faced with an era of disruption, Oliver Wyman’s Operations practice conducted a global survey to better understand transformation patterns, as the engineering industry rapidly evolves. We have heard the views of R&D and engineering leaders from a variety of industries, and complemented this with extensive desk research. Our report looks at six megatrends that will shape engineering beyond 2018.

Engineering 2030

Six Megatrends That Will Shape Engineering