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Survey results from 2,900 UK shoppers show the country’s attitudes towards how supermarkets should help keep them healthy.

Rates of obesity and being overweight range from 57 percent to 65 percent in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Our latest research shows that 89 percent of shoppers would like to be healthier, and 60 percent believe that supermarkets have a role to play in this.

The survey we conducted revealed the most popular ways consumers want their supermarket help them be healthier: more special offers on healthy foods and fewer on sugary and fatty foods; a bigger and better range of own-brand healthy foods; and suggesting healthier substitutions.

We also looked at whether shoppers would use services provided by their supermarket to help them be healthier and manage their weight. Sixty-three percent would consider using such services if they were free but only 23 percent if there was a fee of £10. Among those reluctant to see supermarkets as a gateway to healthcare, 21% said they simply did not trust them enough.

With growing concern around obesity and sugar consumption, it is clear that there are actions for UK retailers to take. This is explained further in our report Fighting Fat, which looks how the big retailers in the UK can profitably leverage their position to make a real difference in the nation’s weight.

Healthy Shopping