eSIM: Harbinger Of Doom Or Bringer Of Hope?

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have traditionally been the logical entities to sell telecommunications services to the consumer. However, the status quo is under threat from handset and device OS makers (e.g. Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.) as well as digitally native companies that can lay claim to precious phone screen real estate. For now these players still depend on telecom operators as distribution channels, but for how long?

The physical SIM ecosystem is evolving towards a virtual device-embedded SIM (called eSIM) that is reprogrammable and hence operator agnostic. Not only do eSIMs permit more energy efficient and smaller mobile phones they also permit a whole range of different form factors for connected devices.  

Mobile operators need to be ready to react to a changing ecosystem, which is about to change dramatically with the advent of phone embedded-SIMs

eSIM is no longer a futuristic scenario. Operators and the GSMA are already working together with operating system and device manufacturers in a coordinated manner to introduce eSIM.  Our latest report explores the changes occuring and how operators can stay ahead.

eSIM: Harbinger Of Doom Or Bringer Of Hope?