Switzerland's Digital DNA

Switzerland is the perfect location for digital innovations

A new survey by Oliver Wyman shows that the Swiss are extremely savvy when it comes to the internet. Companies can benefit from this country to drive digital innovation - providing they manage to minimize security concerns.

A life offline? An impossible concept for most Swiss. Just under two thirds of the Swiss nationals we surveyed cannot stand being disconnected from the internet for more than one day. Three quarters of them spend more than two hours outside of work surfing online. These are some of the results of our “Switzerland’s Digital DNA” study which is based on a representative survey of 2,100 people.

Nordal Cavadini
Companies can benefit from Swiss people’s internet affinity by launching new products and services. This way, Switzerland could become Europe’s innovation lab for digital ideas
Nordal Cavadini Partner Oliver Wyman

About the study

Oliver Wyman included over 2,100 Swiss (internet users and offliners) in the survey, which was conducted in February 2017 and used for the study “Switzerland’s Digital DNA”. Participants were interviewed on their attitude towards digitization. Interviews were conducted in German and French, the most frequently spoken languages in Switzerland. Questions focused on internet usage, hopes and fears, trust as well as future changes.