The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal Vol. 3

Developing the ability to distinguish between rewarded and unrewarded risks is more critical than ever five years after the Lehman crisis.

The 3rd edition of The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal is a collection of perspectives on the complex risks that are determining many companies' futures. This thought-provoking journal represents the latest thinking from across our firm about how business leaders can improve their financial performance by taking calculated risks.

The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal explores the emerging risks that form the backdrop to a new risk management landscape, such as a rise in natural catastrophes and the potential triggers of a financial crisis in 2015. It also probes how our clients are reshaping their business models and changing tactics in reaction to some of these trends. Other perspectives examine how new developments are redefining entire industries, ranging from financial services to energy.


The results from the annual Global Risks Perception Survey collate the views of more than 1,000 experts from the World Economic Forum’s communities. Respondents are aged between 19 and 79, come from different types of organizations, different fields of specialist knowledge, and from over 100 countries.

For each of the 50 global risks, respondents were asked to assess, on a scale from 1 to 5, the likelihood of the risks occurring over the next 10 years and the impact if the risk were to occur.


The Oliver Wyman Risk Journal Vol. 3