Social Media Management

Social media strategy is caught between two poles: proximity to customers and a loss of control.

By 2014 around two billion people worldwide will be social network users. Social networks, blogs, web forums, and more have become established in almost every sphere of life, and have had a substantial influence on our society.

The importance of social media for enterprises is growing steadily and with it, both opportunities and risks. The persons responsible are called on to professionally explore the social media phenomenon. If companies want to effectively exploit the enormous potential of social media, they need to systematically collect and evaluate a multitude of data.

The point of view gives information on social media in companies, and on the measurement of social media activities. Moreover, it presents a guideline for implementing KPI-based social media management. Thus, Oliver Wyman not only offers companies a framework for operational management and optimization, but also lays the groundwork for internal reporting of social media activities.

Social Media Management