Americas Retail Banking Digest Volume III

Our Summer 2013 edition of the Retail Banking Digest features six articles that highlight how small-scale innovation can still reap outsize returns for their stakeholders and takes a closer look at some key innovation opportunities available to banks today. The eclectic list of topics illustrates one of the greatest benefits to small-scale innovation – there is always room for incremental upside.

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Small Business Banking: Challenging Conventional Wisdom to Achieve Outsize Growth and Profitability

The SB segment has long presented a significant opportunity for US banks. However, strategies that meet small business needs, create differentiation and maximize potential economic returns have proven elusive. While many banks have settled back into conventional strategies, challengers to these standards can define a break-out strategy that gains material share from competitors and delivers higher growth and higher profits.

Financing Small Businesses: How “New-Form Lending” Will Reshape Banks’ Small Business Strategies

"New-form lending" is a new approach to small business financing that will satisfy an unmet need for short-term cashflow financing for SBs. New-form lending relies on the analysis and ongoing monitoring of daily cashflows to assess and control risk.  This is a major profit opportunity that can also help improve traditional loan underwriting processes by lowering unit costs and improving risk differentiation.

Enhanced Performance Management: Driving Breakthrough Productivity in Retail Banking Operations

Years of relentless focus by retail banks on improving the efficiency of the operations function have left few residual opportunities to drive transformational savings without diluting service quality. By developing a new way of measuring employee productivity and compensation, Enhanced Performance Management (EPM) fills this gap by dramatically increasing employee throughput, while simultaneously improving risk, quality and the client experience.

Innovation in Mortgage Operations: Building a Scalable Model

The last 20 years have seen a number of innovations in the design of mortgage origination processes. Looking ahead, however, we see three factors converging that will now provide both the opportunity and the forcing mechanism for institutions once more to rethink their approach to mortgage originations, driving fundamental progress in the core operations of the business.

Chase Merchant Services: How Will it Disrupt the Card Payments Balance of Power?

In the current power play between issuers, networks, and acquirers, JPMorgan Chase has taken a first step towards creating a new 3-party network with Chase Merchant Services. This paper explores how this will impact Chase’s competitors and its customers (merchants and cardholders), as well as the networks themselves.

The Future "Ar Nu": What We Can Learn from Sweden About the Future of Retail Distribution

With high mobile and internet banking adoption, low branch traffic and heavy use of electronic payments, Sweden and its banks provide invaluable insight into the future of retail banking. This article explores the factors that enabled Swedish banks to accelerate evolution and evaluates what one can learn about the future of US retail distribution and how to enable a smooth transformation.

Americas Retail Banking Digest Volume III