Americas Retail Banking Digest Volume I

Oliver Wyman is pleased to share a recent collection of viewpoints on retail banking topics in the Americas. This first edition of Oliver Wyman’s Retail Banking Digest features four articles that span customer strategy, operations, and regulatory themes.

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Small Business Banking: Insights from Oliver Wyman Research
Author: Peter Carroll

From a survey of 4,700 small business owners, including many who switched banks within the past 18 months, this article derives real insight into the heterogeneity of small businesses and their owners, shows what banking products and services they use, and how these patterns have changed over time. It also reveals how rarely owners change banks and how they choose a new bank when they do change. It explores where banking profit is concentrated within small business relationships, and suggests an alternative strategy for banks' small business units to gain share where the profit is concentrated.

Relationship Management for Mass-Affluent Customers: Personalized Service Creates Value
Author: Patrik Ringstroem

Mass-affluent customers are increasingly important as a source of profit for banks, partly because fee and debit card regulation is eroding the value generated by less-affluent customer segments. This article discusses how personalized, cost-effective relationship management with this segment can increase loyalty and allow for unparalleled customer access for cross-sales.

Retail Banking in a Post-Durbin World: What the Final Rule Means for Debit Card Issuers
Author: Tony Hayes

On June 29, after almost a year of speculation, debate and lobbying, the Federal Reserve released the final rule to implement Regulation II, more commonly known as the Durbin Amendment (as mandated by last year's Dodd-Frank Act). This article provides our perspective on what this new regulation means for banks as debit card issuers.

Dual Tracking: A Huge Challenge for Mortgage Servicers
Author: Ahmet Hacikura

Among the many challenges that home loan servicers face today, dual tracking is one of the most intricate, divisive and poorly understood. Under pressure to act, servicers may opt for a stop-gap effort to update their practices. This article argues that the risks and complexity involved necessitate a thorough strategy and operational plan.

Americas Retail Banking Digest Volume I