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What We Do

Commercial organizations are increasingly looking for means to target, win, and upsell customers more efficiently. From leadership to field sales, they need a strategy to prioritize their pipeline and leverage the vast amount of disparate data at their fingertips. Recognizing that not all customers are equal, those organizations that can identify and target the best prospects often see significant growth and value creation.

In this context, commercial organizations must reconsider their approach to focus, efficiency, and proactivity to accelerate profitable growth.

How we Help

We’ve worked closely with commercial organizations and understand the common challenges they’ve encountered across the function. To address these, we’ve developed our proprietary go-to-market platform, ‘Prospector’.

‘Prospector’ offers a comprehensive view of leads, prospects, and accounts. It uses AI and machine learning for propensity modeling, helping prioritize decisions and guide commercial team actions. It combines commercial planning, prioritized actions, insights, task automation, and targets/impact tracking. The platform can be deployed as customizable user interfaces, embedded widgets in a CRM, or as data-as-a-service (DaaS), depending on what’s most beneficial.

What's Our IMpact

Typically, the annual revenue increase ranges from 5-10%. This uplift results from the shift in value from prospecting with minimal prioritization to consistently focusing on the highest value prospects.

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