Control Center

Delivering Actionable Insights To Drive Sustainable Improvements

Oliver Wyman's Control Center is used by leading organizations to empower teams with actionable data, create agents for change, and drive immediate financial improvements. Control Center is more than a set of tools; it underpins a new set of Commercial and Operational capabilities. And it starts with a conversation with our team about what your performance improvement goals are and how your data can be better leveraged to achieve them. Control Center has already helped other organizations transform their businesses, and we are excited to do the same for yours.

With granular, real-time visibility on performance across all functions, levels, and regions, organizations can identify performance drivers with Control Center’s easy-to-use visualizations and smart insights. Our robust suite of more than thirty commercial and operations tools provides the right recommendations for teams looking to drive sustainable impact through improved decision-making.

How Control Center Works

  1. Define opportunity: Understand your performance improvement priorities and define the future-state capabilities and decision-support analytics required to capture them
  2. Customize Control Center: Custom-build the tool suite to meet your business needs, drawing from our library of industry-specific and tested tools, test and iterate them with business users, and then embed them into your current processes and systems
  3. Upskill capabilities: Train the business users on the new Commercial and Operational capabilities enabled through the  Control Center and work with stakeholders to make change stick
  4. Realize sustainable impact: With the Control Center embedded into key business processes and driving day-to-day decisions,  monitor impact and adjust tools as needed

How Control Center Creates Value

Commercial and Operational Excellence sustainably delivered through the Control Center

Customizable Design
Each tool is customizable and designed to address specific requirements and use cases.
Actionable Analytics
Designed with a strategic business lens, Control Center's KPIs, visualizations, and recommendations go beyond simple reporting to actively drive specific outcomes.
Sustainable Change
Control Center delivers analytics that are repeatable and ensures that the improvements made have a lasting impact.
Agile Development
Our approach prioritizes user feedback and iteration, constantly prioritizing development to enable deployment and rapid results in a matter of weeks, not months or years.
Measurable Impact
Control Center enables better decision-making to deliver near-term measurable impact and meaningful performance improvements.
Our SQL-based business logic and Power BI (or custom Web App) front-ends are flexible and scalable, making it easy to add new data and businesses and integrate with all major ERPs and CRMs.

Impact Driven By Control Center

540 bps
pricing improvements Industrial building component manufacturer and installer
overall equipment effectiveness improvement for global paints manufacturer
$70 million
gross margin improvement for global paints manufacturer
reduction of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) count while preserving sales for home improvement consumer goods company
inventory reduction for US footprint of global specialty chemicals player
usage rate by sales team after one year for industrial building component manufacturer and installer

Control Center In Action

Additional Capabilities Available via Control Center

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a long software implementation program. The time needed to establish a Control Center depends on the organization’s data maturity level. Typically, organizations begin to experience the advantages of a Control Center within a span of several weeks to three to four months.

Data from various sources such as ERPs, CRMs, marketing automation platforms, third party data, spreadsheets, and other sources can be integrated into the Control Center.

This is no problem. We have deep expertise is building data lakes and standard data layers to get the data in an single format required to drive the analytics.

No data is ever perfect. We are strong believers in getting use out of the data you have now and in parallel supporting data quality improvements to improve the value of your data over time. If you wait to start your analytics efforts until your data is better, you will miss out on what you can be doing now and may not even have the data you need when you think you are done. Beginning using the data now will help you learn better what improvements are needed. We are happy to support a data quality audit or data quality remediation efforts with our team of experts.

We typically work with both business and IT teams to enable the Control Center. Depending on the tools being developed, the business teams represent functions such as sales, pricing, product management, supply chain, procurement, and finance.

We work with the client team to first understand the business problems that need to be addressed that have a measurable and compelling return on investment. We then collectively agree on the tools and dashboards that would be required to deliver the results that the business is looking to achieve.

While our tools have been developed meticulously over years of collective industry experience, we continue to work very closely with every client team to understand the specific problems they are looking to solve and factor in various business attributes to customize the tool. User feedback and iterative adjustments that are tailored to the specific business’ process and ways of working constitute a key part of our implementation approach.

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