Insurance Insights - Edition 1, 2020

The rapid pace of change in today's insurance industry means there are many lingering questions for business leaders. Insurance Insights examines major industry themes, enabling businesses to turn challenges into tomorrow's opportunities.


Navigating The Pandemic's Next Waves

Our latest report outlines why insurers will need a COVID-19 crisis war room to manage real-time decision-making as the pandemic continues. Whilst many companies have created a crisis war room focused on near-term operational issues, as these immediate issues settle the room should pivot to helping the business navigate through the coming months and years.


Executive Conversation Video Interview: Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman, Lloyd's of London

In our latest Executive Conversation, Bruce Carnegie-Hall of Lloyd’s of London sits down with Anthony Bice. In the video – which was filmed in late 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic – Bruce talks about his vision to turn Lloyd’s of London into the most advanced insurance marketplace in the world.


The State Of The Financial Services Industry 2020: When Vision And Value Collide

This year’s State Of The Financial Services Industry report looks at the collision that is taking place in financial services between the vision and value mindset. How firms resolve this conflict – between the desire to reimagine the business for the long-term and the need to remain disciplined and profitable in the short-term – will define the industry in the coming years.


Bancassurance In Asia - Six Ways To Accelerate Value Creation

Bancassurance has increased in strategic importance for both banks and insurers in Asia. In this article we highlight six factors that banks and insurers should consider to continue accelerating value creation for themselves, as well as serve their customers better.


Jumping Forward – Compliance In Insurance

As an insurance leader, you may already be considering how to address regulatory and risk management challenges. Our paper delves into the challenges and impacts our clients are facing, and presents the strategic changes and quick-wins needed to effectively manage compliance.


Interview with Christian Wiens, Co-Founder and CEO of Getsafe, on the company’s recent growth and success

Since its launch in 2015, Getsafe has gained more than 80,000 customers and sold more than 90,000 policies, becoming a premier insurance brand for millennials in Germany in the process. Watch as Dietmar Kottmann talks to its Co-Founder and CEO, Christian Wiens.