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The rapid pace of change in today's insurance industry means there are many lingering questions for business leaders. Insurance Insights examines major industry themes, enabling businesses to turn challenges into tomorrow's opportunities.

John Neal on returning to work post-pandemic

At a webinar we recently held John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s of London, and William Russell, Lord Mayor of the City of London, discussed what the return to work might look like post-pandemic, arguing that there will always be a need for in-person interaction.

You can watch the full recording online here.

Under Water – Withstanding Low Yields In Traditional Life Insurance

Our report with Morgan Stanley looks at the key issues, exposure of the industry, and potential responses for European insurers to low interest rates.

Podcast: Reinventing Insurance

Our Reinventing Insurance podcast explores best practices for taking a customer first approach to innovation within Insurance. 

In this first episode we share four key management traps to avoid, along with learnings on how traditional insurers can set the company up for new venture success


Actions for insurers to help resolve today's cost and growth challenges, with examples of some of our recent client successes.

Think CustomerFirst

Our perspectives on taking a CustomerFirst approach — realigning corporate strategy with investments that are deeply tied to customers’ needs — to drive new business growth, maximize value, and capitalize on today’s market trends.

B2B2C Insurance 2.0

There is a new chapter in the development of B2B2C insurance and it’s called B2B2C 2.0. Our report argues that to unlock it requires building new differentiating capabilities across four areas – from innovation management to technology, from analytics to service offering