The Future of K-12 Education: Insights for Investors and Parents

Part 2: Baird Global Investment Banking Podcast

This podcast was originally published by Baird Global Investment Banking on July 16, 2020.
This is Part 2 of The Future of Education podcast series. Part 1, which focusses on higher education, can be found here.

In this podcast, Jeremy Fiser, Director, Global Technology & Services at Baird Global Investment Banking, talks with Vanessa Webb and Chip Greene, Co-Heads of the Global Education Practice at Oliver Wyman.

The podcast examines the impact of COVID-19 is having on the K-12 education sector and how that will affect schools, teachers, solution providers and families. Listen as they discuss a number of topics top of mind for investors and parents alike, including what back-to-school might look like this upcoming Fall.