A Decade Of Action

Delivering sustainable development goals in the Gulf

The 2015 launch of the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has provided governments with an organized and unified structure to address interconnected developmental issues such as poverty, economic inequality, education, the climate crisis, peace, justice, and responsible consumption and production.

The alleviation of hunger and access to education has been more challenging to accomplish, as compared to other areas such as poverty eradication. In many areas, problems continue to manifest themselves to the same degree as before. The Gulf region is not any different from the 193 countries that have committed to these goals – with the slow progress being made in the journey toward achieving the SDGs. There is little chance the region’s economies will meet the 17 goals in time, and that will have serious socio-economic implications across the region.

How can governments in the Gulf—with the active engagement of private enterprise—meet these goals in time?

This report provides insights into what some of the key constraints the Gulf economies are facing when it comes to the successful delivery of SDGs and how they can mitigate and/or address these challenges.

Five building blocks of the SDGs implementation framework

A Decade Of Action