GCC Financial Services Predictions For 2020

With the year 2020 expected to be a turning point for many industries in the Gulf region, Head of Financial Services (MEA) Mathieu Vasseux shares his four predictions for Financial Services in the Middle East:

  • GCC ongoing fiscal consolidation and Lower for Longer rates are putting pressure on revenues
    • Fiscal consolidation drive-by GCC governments enables long-term sustainability for their economic and social goals, however, it shorter-term bank revenues are under pressure
    • The Fed and major central banks have lowered rates mirrored which feeds into GCC rates environment and puts further pressure on the margins
  • This lower revenue growth will continue to shift focus towards Cost and Mergers as main source of bottom-line uplift
    • Bottom-line main drivers will be inorganic growth and cost optimization
    • We already observe a material wave of M&A activity across the GCC markets and expect consolidation to continue in the short- to mid-term
    • Cost is starting to become a core component for the regional bank CEOs , also linking into digital efficiencies
  • Digital moving at the forefront both for Neobank challengers and Incumbents defending against the new entrants
    • The Middle East is seeing an increasing inflow of fintech companies challenging the incumbent banks through better flexibility and better catering to millennials’ needs
    • Incumbent banks still have a large competitive advantage to prevent disruption from new entrants by re-thinking their business models and investing in digital capabilities
  • Credit quality and funding remain areas of attention as the economic cycle could start to turn
    • Concerns remains of timing of next recession, they are accentuated with COVID-19 outbreak hitting some of the world’s largest economies
    • Some sectors are already showing early signals of deteriorating cash flows which might lead to a worsening of credit quality and putting higher pressure on the banks’ liquidity levels

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