Italian Banks On An Inclined Plane

The Eurozone is stagnating, interest rates are at their lowest, and returns on investment are declining.

In the current economic scenario, Italian banks revenues could decrease by an average 10% in the next five years, adding to the challenges brought by new regulations, and the need to complete the non-performing assets de-risking process.

These complexities increase the urgency for the transformation of the Italian banking system, ensuring banks remain competitive, and can navigate squeezed margins and digital disruption.

Beside the inevitable consolidation trend, our latest report identifies three main disruption trends: business model transformation (including cost reduction), dynamic budget management, and advanced analytics adoption throughout the credit process.

These interventions will lead to a radical transformation of the sector, and its workforce. Only with a clear vision, and a good dose of pragmatism, will banks be able to become fit for the future.

Find out more in our report in Italian.

Emiliano Carchen
Davide Furlan
Emanuele Corti


Italian Banks On An Inclined Plane

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