Navigating The Revenue Tech Landscape

Today a bewildering array of software and data technology promises to help businesses market themselves more effectively, steer their salesforces, determine prices and promotions, and accomplish many similar tasks.

These technologies are converging: Salesforce platforms, now help businesses price their goods; some pricing platforms help sales effectiveness; certain data providers are invaluable across the sales cycle.

In this paper, we define this landscape – what we call revenue tech(nology) – map some of the key players and explain how to avoid the pitfalls of implementation.

Revenue tech investments have seen 25% annual growth since 2010

Over the past few decades, as companies have sought to pursue their commercial ambitions through technology, an entire ecosystem of third-party technology providers has sprung up to support them. “Revenue tech” refers to the complex collection of technology applications and providers of analytics, insights, and decision-making support aimed at fueling top-line growth. Its core consists of three areas that directly drive revenues: pricing, sales effectiveness, and marketing. Additionally, data analytics and data sources can be used in tandem with the pureplay software solutions to facilitate revenue growth. (There is, of course, some overlap between categories. For purposes of this paper, we have focused our perspective on the key commercially led areas of pricing, sales effectiveness, marketing and data sources, but excluded pure-play data analytics players.)

Navigating The Revenue Tech Landscape