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Oliver Wyman’s StratBox is a next generation scenario planning solution created to respond to modern business and supervisory expectations.

The StratBox scenario planning framework is composed of complementary modules:

Strategic scenario planning (P&L, Balance Sheet, Solvency) for business-focused and official regulatory exercises (Strategic Plan, ICAAP, Stress-Test) and quick impact simulations

Bottom-up modules for granular risk drivers – such as credit loss and provisions (IFRS9), PPNR forecasting, market risk, operational and conduct risk

Robust technology (Digital, Big Data) enabling strong workflow-management, real-time calculations, agile “Sandbox” methodology and leading analytics for senior management review

VIDEO: Introducing Oliver Wyman's StratBox: the tailor made solution, for banking scenario planning.

StratBox is an unique offering that combines our strategic scenario planning framework, individual bottom-up components and – as needed – supporting IT infrastructure providing a comprehensive solution to key regulatory and managerial demands on planning and stress-testing matters
Paul Beswick, Managing Partner, Oliver Wyman Labs

Oliver Wyman's StratBox brochure